Mental Toughness

I recently watched a documentary on the history of the Navy Seals.  It was a fascinating study on leadership, teamwork, and personal development.  Navy Seals are a phenomenon of human capability in terms of physical, intellectual, and emotional leadership skills.  They are trained to be the sharpest, quickest, strongest, and bravest men on the planet.  Highly skilled at scanning their environment, quickly assessing risks and opportunities, flawlessly communicating with fellow teammates, and managing mindfulness, internal calm, and fear, these men have developed an almost superhuman ability to succeed in their missions. 

When asked what the single most important skill that a Navy Seal must learn was, a tenured naval trainer replied, “I know I can always get a Seal trained to be physically strong and capable but I cannot make him emotionally strong and mentally tough.  That he must do on his own and he must do it if he is to succeed as a Seal.  It is by far the most important skill.” 

Emotional strength and mental toughness for a leader are a must.  If you own a business or lead a team, you will eventually be faced with, at the least, a challenge and, at the most, a crisis.  Others on your team will look to you for guidance and direction, and the way you react and navigate these situations will speak volumes to them as well as inform their own subsequent reactions. 

My husband, Tom, is starting his own business since retiring from teaching.  His first venture into entrepreneurism has had all the normal highs and lows, ups and downs.  Recently, he commented that one day he feels on top of his game and the very next day, he wonders if he’s even got what it takes to make it.  My reply?  Welcome to being an entrepreneur.  Welcome to becoming a great leader.  This is where you dig in and learn to just stay in the fight.  This is where we build that emotional and mental muscle as much as physical ones.

Developing this kind of mental toughness is the single most important skill if anyone is going to make it in business, and in life for that matter.  The toughness to find a way around the seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  The toughness to hold yourself and others accountable.  The toughness to do what other’s will not do.  The toughness to remain calm in the storm, thoughtful in the argument, and steadfast in your own discipline and growth.  This really is what develops true leaders and true success.  

This week, consider how and where you can develop and exercise more emotional strength and mental toughness.  Where can you be more patient, more focused, more disciplined, and stay in the challenge of your own growth just a little longer than normal.  If building their emotional and mental muscle is even more important than their physical muscles to a Navy Seal… shouldn’t it also be for us?



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“The biggest wall you have to climb is the one you build in your mind.”
~Vince Lombardi

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