Zip Lines and Second Chances

43573748_sOne of my favorite quotes in my Leadership Communication keynote presentation is “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” That idea was explored and exemplified in my friend Deb Berecz’s short but poignant blog last month, and I’m reposting it here for all of you with her permission.

I’m personally connected to this story because I was her lucky travel companion on that trip to visit her son, Jamie, in Spain that year and was right behind her nervous ascent up the stairs of the Familia Segrada. I loved every step to that spectacular view as my personal demon is not heights but rather tight, airless spaces… but it was a different experience for her.

My favorite excerpt from her article speaks brilliantly to the uselessness of regret and the benefits of being intentional about extracting the rich lessons from all of our experiences:

Perhaps you have some regrets. You’d do it differently next time. Would love a do-over. But the reality is we all take valuable information from each experience and apply it to the next. We go for it. Mess it up sometimes. Evaluate the experience. And move on with new insights. It serves no useful purpose to regret the mistakes. It serves us well to look for the insight and be grateful for the experience and what it’s taught us.”

Whatever challenges present themselves this week… what if you went for it, messed it up, evaluated the experience, and moved on with new insights? It’s a layering effect of learning that continually makes us wiser and better over time. But it only serves us if we stop complaining about the “losses,” screw-ups, or disappointments and embrace them (even bless them) for the learning growth opportunities they are.

Click here to read Deb Berecz’s blog.


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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
~~ Albert Einstein

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