Traveling in the Driver’s Seat

11788071 - hand of driver that holds wheel and goes on road“Love where you work. Work where you’re loved.” This slogan is printed on the cover of the new employee orientation folder at the Cupertino Union School District in California where a friend of ours just accepted a position. His Facebook post said, “I think I could work here until I retire.”

I was moved by this for several reasons but mostly I liked the duality of the sentiment. It promotes the idea that creating a satisfying work environment where good people stay is a two-way street. And that often these two ideas are very dependent upon one another.

As employees we are much more likely to love where we work if we are loved where we work. As employers, it’s a lot easier to love the employees who demonstrate their love for the work they do and the company they do it for. Those that appreciate are easy to appreciate.

Also as employers, when we hire and develop people who are perfect fits for not only their positions but also for the overall company mission, it’s easy to love them. And when we demonstrate that, people stay and out-perform those who seem to have lost that lovin’ feelin’.

We’re in charge of our own happiness. Period. We can’t blame the boss when we continue to work at a job we don’t love. We can’t blame the employees when we continue to tolerate or ignore employees who don’t appreciate and love where they work.

It can be hard to swallow at first but in the end, accepting responsibility for your own happiness (and everything else in your life) is also incredibly freeing because we then realize we are in total control. It moves us from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat, a much more empowered place to travel through life.


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“Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past.
Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

~~ John F. Kennedy

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