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Dr. Oren says Shiloh is, "Fit as a fiddle"

Dr. Oren says Shiloh is, “Fit as a fiddle”

Did you ever see the movie or the play, Annie? Remember the song that starts with the whisper, “We’ve got Annie.” Well… we’ve got Shiloh. Yep, on Friday we picked up the cutest little seven-week old yellow Labrador retriever that was ever born. I’m positive. She is the light of our lives… at the moment anyway… and I suspect based on past experience she will be for the next 10-15 years. (No expensive shoes have been harmed as of tonight though I have already lost a couple of my freshly planted strawberry plants.)

Interestingly, more than a few friends and acquaintances either warned us off getting a puppy or commented on how they had decided not to have any more pets in their lives because of the work involved, the messes to clean up, the costs of their care, the impact on their freedom, or the inevitable loss of a deeply loved companion.

While I do not in any way judge their decisions, they remind me that love and success don’t come without a cost. There’s an exchange of energy to love something. Things aren’t always neat, clean, and orderly. They can be downright hard and messy at times. But the exchange is so worth it to me. When I work hard to be a better speaker or pour my heart into a workshop for my colleagues, work some evenings or on a weekend, my returns have been huge… in dollars and in personal gratification.

The same is true for all my relationships… friendships, romantic love, my parents, and my dog. When I put in the work, don’t worry too much about the messiness of our time together, and love them without a thought for any return… the return has been huge, rich, juicy, and delicious.

Love takes work. Love takes sacrifice. Love takes investment. And love… of work, people, or pets… pays a thousand to one. And really, is there anything better than the smell of a newborn baby’s head or sweet puppy breath on your nose? Shiloh has completely stolen our hearts and cleaning up a little seems like more than even-exchange.


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“Happiness is a warm puppy”
~~ Charles M. Schulz


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