Music Monday: The Happiness You Deserve

This weekend, our Lead Lioness will be celebrating her husband’s youngest daughter’s wedding
so we are recycling one of Katherine’s most popular Monday Morning Stretches from last year
when she herself was just about to tie the knot.  We hope you enjoy it and spend this week
intentionally filling your life with all the love and prosperity with which you can fill it!

I know it’s not the first Monday of the month and therefore not officially a “Music Monday”, but I’ve decided that a celebratory love song is definitely called for this morning. By the time you receive this on Memorial Day (or likely, the Tuesday after when you return to work!)… I will officially be a happily married woman to the love of my life, Tom Belt, since 4:00 pm on Sunday afternoon! Mrs. Katherine Belt. What a lovely proper English a-kiss-above-bicycle-wedding-cake-topperring that has to it!

I decided to write this a little early this week, knowing that we will be in full wedding mode for the entire weekend. When I thought about what to write on this very special Monday Morning Stretch, I kept returning to my biggest realization of all through this whole, wonderful journey… the fact that I not only deserved this happiness but also that I have learned a few important lessons along the way which apply not only to getting what I want in my personal life but also in my professional life as well.

More times than you might expect I hear from people who are single about how hard, if not impossible, it is to find a good man or woman out there. Sometimes they ask me what the secret is. Funny enough when I start to explain how I believe it happens… they tell me that it doesn’t work, or they’re just too scared to try, or they just don’t believe it is that easy. And that is their roadblock right there.

First, you have to believe you deserve a big life, including a big love. Next, you have to get yourself healthy and happy before you go looking for another healthy and happy person. Third, you have to open yourself to the possibilities and expect that it is already available or well on its way to you. And fourth, you have to speak of it as a knowing, a certainty. You treat it as a delightfully fun game of showing up fully in your life and anticipating just the right people and just the right opportunities to appear at just the perfect time. It’s not a hoping but a knowing.

Tom and I tease often that he really didn’t have much to say in the matter… I was so clear and focused on what I wanted, so ready personally, and so destined to be happy (whether he showed up or not in my life) that I just pulled him right into my experience like a magnet!

Someone asked me yesterday if I feel lucky. I suppose I do feel lucky in some ways, but I really do believe that it was mostly the strength of my intention, the restored balance and health of my inner being, and the openness and gratitude with which I met every new day, every new person, and every new open door that created the space and the perfect atmosphere for Tom to walk right in.

The same is true for us in business as well. I see it every day when I’m coaching practices, sales and executive teams, and speakers and trainers. The most successful ones are those who are open, intentional and emotionally healthy going out into the business world and trying on new things. They literally pull business into their “vortex of creation” like a magnet.

This week, my deepest wish is that you will believe that you deserve to be truly happy and that if you are not, you’ll believe there is a way to get there… faster and easier than you think! Cheers to a rich life full of all the things, work, and people you love.


Goo Goo Dolls video graphic

The Goo Goo Dolls: Come To Me

“I’ll be kind, if you’ll be faithful
You be sweet and I’ll be grateful
Cover me with kisses dear
Lighten up the atmosphere
Keep me warm inside our bed
I got dreams of you all through my head
Fortune teller said I’d be free
And that’s the day you came to me
Came to me

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I’ll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I’ll love you more so don’t be scared
When we’re old and near the end
We’ll go home and start again

I caught you burnin’ photographs
Like that could save you from your past
History is like gravity
It holds you down away from me
You and me, we’ve both got sins
I don’t care about where you’ve been
Don’t be sad and don’t explain
This is where we start again
Start again


Today’s the day I’ll make you mine
So get me to the church on time
Take my hand in this empty room
You’re my girl, and I’m your groom

Come to me my sweetest friend
This is where we start again, again


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo”


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Deborah Day, BE HAPPY NOW!

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