Today is Leap Day. Introduced by Julius Caesar almost 2000 years ago, 47787617_sLeap Day is an extra day added to the calendar almost every four years. Since a year around the sun is actually 365 days plus 4 hours, every 4 years we need a day to absorb those accumulated 24 hours… hence Leap Day. But I’d like to consider the 2016 Leap Day in a different context. I’d like to think of it as a day to practice our courage. A leap of a different kind. . .

Did you ever swing on playground monkey bars as a kid? I know I did. I think I still may have some callused scars on my hands to prove it. There are four things that must happen if you want to leap into your future and traverse successfully across the monkey bars of a playground… or of life.

First, you must decide. You must commit to begin the journey even though it may be challenging at times. Second, you must reach. You must stretch yourself to get a firm hold on the first bar or the first stage of your quest. Third, you must let go of the one bar to reach the next over and over as you move toward the finish line. It means, for a scary second, you are suspended in air with no safety net below. It means, for a scary second, you must let go of where you are in order to move forward to the next rung of your journey. And fourth, you must keep moving. Momentum is the key to progress. 46916735_sWithout it you stall or even come to a halt which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to restart again.

Decide, reach, let go, and keep moving.

Last week, I had the privilege of providing speaker’s training to a group of executives at a skyrocketing clothing company named LuLaRoe. They continue to challenge the marketplace with innovative strategies and a continued connection to their customer, unparalleled in their industry. With a commitment to honor this astounding growth, their vision for clear and compelling leadership at all levels has found its way to the top of their priority list. Last week’s 3-day workshop for their senior leaders was nothing short of amazing for me… and I hope for them.

Even with their success, these are still regular human beings trying to take on a whole new level of leadership… and quick! And among these very bright, talented, and often fearless professionals was a surprising amount of nerves… a fear of public speaking that for a few of them, was crippling. Until Friday afternoon.

Watching these men and woman grab a hold of their courage and push themselves up to the front on our last day was very humbling and hugely inspiring. Even though many began their speech through tears, some with a shortness of breath, most with shaking extremities and significant nausea, they bravely “tried on” what we had been learning but had not yet put into actual practice. I watched them take a deep breath and decide, reach, let go, and keep moving… until they got better and better and better. For me, as a coach, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, sweeter to see. To watch someone conquer their fears right before your eyes is like watching a rose bud unfold into a stunning flower. It’s beauty in motion and a beaming smile when it’s all over like no other.

This week, consider what your life and work might be like if you mustered your courage to conquer even one fear and leaped into your future. Remember that these four steps are your friends along the way: Decide, Reach, Let Go, and Just Keep Moving!


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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
~~ Lao Tzu

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