Music Monday: Three Types of People

I’ve heard it said that there are three types of people in this world: Those who make things 16850455_shappen, those who wait for things to happen, and those who wonder what the hell just happened. I’m giving all three an official title: Victim, Drifter, and Intentional Creator.

We all know them. We work with all three; live with all three; do business with all three. And just so you know… I’ve personally played all three with great flare at different times in my life. It’s no surprise that the role that has been the most satisfying and effective in producing happiness and prosperity is when I’ve stepped firmly into the role of Intentional Creator.

Intentional Creators know a couple of cold, hard truths:

1. Nobody’s coming to save us. We have to save ourselves.

2. Most people really don’t think about us all that much. If we want them to, we have to make the call and ask for what we want. If we wish they weren’t or we’re worrying about what they do think about us, we should check our ego because they are likely thinking way more about their own lives and struggles.

3. Our results and experiences are a direct result of our own beliefs and decisions. When we change either or both, our results change accordingly. If we don’t like our results, we can usually trace it back to some decision we’ve made or to something we’ve participated in or continued to allow or tolerate. Still, any way you slice it… it’s us.

Intentional Creators also know some pretty cool, easy truths:

1. Life is hard… until it’s not. Change your viewpoint, challenge your limiting beliefs, and access the resources all around you and voila! … Life is very, very different.

2. We’ve already got all the answers that we are seeking and can always recognize the path that we are searching for. You don’t have to create it. It’s all here. The money, the job, the investor, the lover. All of it. You know what makes you happy and what makes you feel alive. You don’t have to justify or even understand it. When you know it’s all here and you start walking … the path, the teacher, the resources appear and are now “see-able” by you.

3. We hold ALL the power. Not your boss. Not your spouse. Or your co-worker, sister, jailor, landlord… not anything or anyone. You and you alone determine your personal choices and internal experience.

If you are reading this on Monday morning, I’m addressing the team of hairdressers, dream-makers, and miracle workers at the salon that I go to for my personal transformation back to my “natural” blonde hair every six weeks. Once or twice a year they invite me to their team meeting to explore and celebrate what’s possible for them and for the people that they serve so beautifully. Funny that it doesn’t matter if you’re an administrator, dentist, veterinary doctor, corporate executive, consultant, hygienist, stay-at-home mom, speaker, or a hairdresser… the path to becoming an Intentional Creator is exactly the same.

In that spirit on this Music Monday (always the first Monday of every month) I’ve chosen a song by a Texas songwriter I’ve loved since my college days at Texas A & M, Cory Morrow. The song, “Let Us Love” is an anthem to what Intentional Creators are all about. It’s definitely on my treadmill/cycling playlist these days, and I hope you’ll find it a toe-tapping, spirit-stirring song to kick off your week and the first day of the rest of your intentionally created life!

Video graphic 02012016

Cory Morrow – Let Us Love

“We were born to embrace not accept it.
We were given nothing more so we kept it.
As the colors of our boots keep fadin’
We live a life that we hate without sayin’
Who would listen to the cries of a poor man
We never done nothin’, how can we be somethin’
Every heart has an hour of existence
Every breath breathes a chance for redemption

If somehow we could wake up
Let us love like we were children
Make us feel like we’re still living
In a world I know is burning to the ground
Give us time to beat the system
Maybe find what we’ve been missing
In a world I know is burning to the ground

In the crowd of the dead and disappointed
We’re ashamed giving up on what we wanted
Take a chance on a longshot this time
Aren’t we all just at least worth another try
I’m a King in the land of abuses
Undermined by the promise of excuses
Who could win if we know that it’s not fair
Who would fight when it seems like no one cares

If somehow we could wake up
Let us love like we were children
Make us feel like we’re still living
In a world I know is burning to the ground
Give us time to beat the system
Maybe find what we’ve been missing
In a world I know is burning to the ground

It’s hard to stay here but where do we go?
I know we can’t feel it anymore
It’s true, time is wearing us down
We fall further and further away
Waiting for always to change
Let us love like we were children
Make us feel like we’re still living
In a world I know is burning to the ground
If you’re hurting on a road behind you
Let the wind go with you til the morning comes
Yeah your sorrow no it can’t save you
It won’t answer for what you’ve done”


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