Goodness Me

Police get a lot of bad press lately. There’s a lot of negative news about immigrants. Postal workers are easy targets. Politicians get bad raps too. The list could go on and on.

13700660_sBut, if you look, you’ll find a lot of men and women in all these camps, as well as the whole of humanity doing and celebrating the best in us. We find what we look for and what we focus upon grows in our experience so I’m very choosey what I give my attention to, especially these days.

When I hear or see the rotten deeds, retched behavior, deceitful methods, and self-centeredness of some people in their moments of disconnectedness, I’ve been shifting my attention to everyone else around me who is brimming over with the very opposite traits. Turns out they’re everywhere and in much bigger numbers. I think of the brave clients, kind neighbors, generous colleagues, tender friends, and employees who work on Sunday nights to get a Monday Morning Stretch out to you on time… and I overflow not only with gratitude but also optimism and faith in the ability of mankind to weather any storm, create any possibility, rally together for good, and love beyond all understanding.

This perspective and ultimate reality is what I’m wishing for all of you this holiday season and into the bright new year of 2016. Across the miles, oceans, time zones, boundaries, ideologies, and faiths… I send my appreciation, support, and a great big virtual smile. It sure is a blast to trade ideas and create a world of endless possibilities with all of you throughout the year! I look forward to continuing our work together for many years to come.

Happy holidays, Lion’s Den subscribers. I’ll see you on the flipside of our bright new unwritten future in 2016!

Dec 21 MMS Videodivider

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