Words of Power

If last week was one of my most important Monday Morning Stretches, it was also one of my most long-winded ones. And so 8967682_sthis week’s edition will be decidedly shorter but hopefully just as power-packed!

As I write this, Tom and I are traveling through the California desert to enjoy Thanksgiving with his grown children and grandchildren. Lucky me, this year I only have to bring a pie! On our four-hour journey over the San Jacinto Mountains into Palm Desert and out toward the Colorado River, I feel grateful for so many things: my loving husband, our sweet blended family, so many close friends, meaningful work, good health, amazing clients, and the 68-degree sunshine on my skin from a cloudless blue sky (while I read countless Facebook posts about rain, wind, and snow today!) The complete list of all that I’m thankful for could fill pages.

I do a pretty good job throughout the year of counting my blessings and focusing my energy on gratitude but it occurs to me today that while I feel grateful often, I don’t always speak it directly to those I appreciate. Speaking it not only gives it increased power to the one who feels the gratitude but also, more importantly, contributes positively to the life and daily experience of the person receiving it. Just as putting your goals on paper gives them power, so too does intentionally speaking your appreciation to those for whom you are grateful.

Last week’s Stretch garnered a robust, positive response from many of our new and loyal subscribers. Here are just a few of them:

quote markThanks Katherine for helping us all face and deal with our fears. I have a very dear friend who went through the same MRI experience as you – it brought her to tears. I have never had to have an MRI (hope not to ever) but I have my own fears and so you have helped. Marianne Harper

What a powerful message this week! Sometimes I lose myself in an effort to please everyone around me both personally and professionally. Thanks for the reminder that we are better for those we love and those we serve when we take the time to listen to our inner voice. Jan LeBeau

endquoteSo well said. OH, my goodness. I’m saving to re-read and re-read. THIS is your book material! Vanessa Emerson

These subscribers not only thought these words of praise and appreciation but also chose to take a moment and actually articulate them to me … and it meant so much. Sentiments like these keep me going, keep me writing, and keep me feeling that there is value in this weekly blog of mine. If I never heard from our community or experienced these words of encouragement, I might have stopped a long time ago. Speaking our words of thankfulness is what gives life to them and lifts people up. And while I don’t always show it (or maybe even know it) immediately, I find that spoken praise lingers in my heart and reverberates in my memory long after it was given.

So this week after Thanksgiving, remember to continue to count your blessings going forward and more importantly to speak your appreciation often to those who will most definitely appreciate hearing and feeling it from you.


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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.”

Melody Beattie

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