Wisdom, Not Perfection

Last year, facing a long stretch of travel in the Spring and feeling bored with my current routine, I was researching some new ideas for getting a short but solid, low-impact workout done in my hotel room in the mornings when a friend recommended Barre3.com. Barre is a fitness method which combines a balance bar, Pilates, and yoga by engaging the core and small supporting muscle groups to build strength and flexibility. I was soon to learn that while Barre may look benign or hardly even qualify as much of a workout to those who are active and strong, I’d be breaking a sweat earlier than expected and have some trouble rolling out of bed the next morning.

With a fresh, easy-to-navigate website and masterful instructors, I fell in love with the ability to choose not only which physical area I wanted to focus on but the home page also 16575537_sasks, “How much time do you have?” with options from 10-60 minutes. And workouts never require more than a small inflatable ball, chair, or small weights, if anything at all. Absolutely perfect for a hard-traveling girl like myself.

However, the most attractive quality above all was the commitment of Barre to support total health and well-being vs. external flawlessness. As they put it: wisdom vs. perfection. The instructors implore you to honor your truth, challenge what you think you’re capable of, listen to your body, and fully experience your strength.

At Lioness Learning, I have found these to be the same lessons that we teach and in which we notice the highest levels of success in business and personal development. We’re interested in challenging the status quo about what it means to be a compelling leader, a fully-empowered team member, and truly succeed in the marketplace just like Barre teaches about challenging the current take on true beauty, fitness, and health. Like Barre, I’m a huge believer that our success doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s because honoring what is true for you is the strongest position from which to lead others. I, too, know that we most often fall short of our dreams because we actually never dreamed big enough, letting limiting beliefs dictate smaller version of ourselves than we are actually capable of creating and living. And possibly unlike any other, the healthcare and veterinary professions are often plagued with the killer pursuit of perfection, and when perfection is the Holy Grail, we miss the real gift in our pursuits… wisdom.

This week, focus on honoring your truth, listening to your intuition, challenging your own limiting beliefs about people, circumstances, or possibilities and shoot for wisdom, not perfection.

And maybe log on to www.barre3.com and try a workout. I’ll bet you’ll discover some tiny muscle groups you never knew you had!


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“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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