We’ve Been Waiting For You

This week, while Katherine returns from her honeymoon, we are recycling a favorite MMS from a few years ago. Our new subscribers will enjoy Katherine’s story and the lessons she took from the experience. And to all of our MMS readers who have been loyal subscribers from the beginning… you’ll remember why we love seeing the world of business and life through the eyes of The Lioness.


handsOn this Monday morning gathered around for your team huddle, you are a team of completely unique individuals preparing to work this day together toward a common goal. You will attempt to serve your patients at a high level of care while simultaneously creating a full and rich life for you and your families.

After observing hundreds of these morning team meetings over the years, I find many team members show up looking for someone else to take the lead. Sometimes that happens and often, it doesn’t… because everyone else is looking and waiting for the same thing.

What if you’re the leader you’ve been waiting for? What if you’re the one who could shift the energy in this meeting? What if you’re the one who could bring humor, optimism, creative problem solving, encouragement, patience, kindness, forgiveness, passion, excitement, high energy and laser focus?

Why couldn’t it be you?

Why wouldn’t it be you?

Why isn’t it you?

Come on. Step up. Step out. Step in.

We’ve been waiting just for this moment. We’ve been waiting for you.


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“Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others
as what he does from day to day to lead himself.”
~ Thomas J. Watsoni

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