Music Monday: A Message From Your Heart

Consider this…

  • 18415527_sAmerica has twice the chronic disease than Europe.
  • America has four times the chronic disease than Japan, China, and India. (Michael Rozen, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic)
  • The chief cause of arterial disease is inflammation, including infections of the mouth.
  • Heart attacks are the #1 killer in the U.S.
  • Strokes are the #1 cause of disability in the U.S.
  • Up to 50% or more of heart attacks are triggered by oral infections.
  • Chronic diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, type II diabetes, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, and pancreatic cancer are directly related to a condition called inflammatory burden brought about by an “inflammatory cascade” of factors caused by diet, sedentary lifestyle, and chronic infections such as periodontal disease… all of which we are able to positively impact, if not prevent completely.
  • Current cost of chronic cardiovascular disease in the U. S. is 518 billion dollars (yep… Billion with a “B”).
  • 75% of our medical costs in the U.S. are caused by inflammatory disease.  (Bradley Bale, MD, Bale-Doneen Method)
  • Bacteria in the bloodstream (from any infection in the body) crosses the placenta in pregnant women and can cause premature or still birth.  (Yiping Han, Professor of Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University)
  • At least 50% of Americans have some level of periodontal disease which means that 50% of Americans who go into surgery, enter the hospital with a chronic and active infection and weakened immune system making them predisposed to surgical complications and hospital infections.  (David Verity, Oral Systemic Healthcare Consultant)
  • 9 out of 10 dental patients report they do not have a primary care physician on their medical history form. (Gary Kadi, Complete Health Advocate)

It’s the first Monday of March which makes this a “Music Monday” Stretch and I’ve decide to feature a little known artist, Kina Grannis, and her original song, Message from Your Heart… for obvious reasons.

There’s a literal movement across our country in the healthcare and dental industries in which providers of every discipline are on fire and passionately delivering this message to their patients:  Most of the chronic diseases from which we suffer are preventable and the health of our mouth is directly related to that effort.  You just cannot separate the health of the body from the health of the mouth… or the health of the mouth from the overall health of the body.

In Kina’s song, her lyrics “this is a message from your heart, your most devoted body part, I don’t work for free, please take care of me” seems to speak straight to the “heart” of the matter and many of my subscribers are in a unique and perfect position to join the fight for our nation’s health, economy, and vitality.  The fact that the majority of Americans do not have a primary healthcare provider and therefore are not aware of their current state of health but often do visit a dental office once or twice a year, makes those of us in the dental industry particularly critical in the dissemination of this life changing and lifesaving information.

If you are feeling at all stalled in your career or wondering how to re-inspire yourself or your team, learning how to become a Complete Health Dental Team may be just the cause you’ve been looking for.  As a trainer in the healthcare, veterinary, and dental fields for the past 20 years, I’ve initiated lots of incentive plans, bonus systems, team-building initiatives, and leadership programs but I’ve never seen anything that has ignited and invigorated teams like this movement of Complete Health.  I believe that comes from the fact that it creates prosperity and improved lifestyles for both patient and provider… a true win-win.

If you are a consumer reading this… find a dentist and healthcare provider who treats your whole health and body and understands the process and impact of inflammatory disease.  If you are a dental or healthcare professional… join this movement now and learn how you can make an immediate and positive impact on your patients’ health as well as the overall health of our great nation by treating the whole body, not just the mouth.

Kina Grannis Video Image
Kina Grannis: Message From Your Heart

“Don’t break me, I bruise easily
The source of both your love and misery
I am steady, beating endlessly
While you are dozing, dreaming pretty things

I don’t work for free
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Don’t hurt me, I bleed constantly
My efforts leave me but flow back swiftly

My rhythm, soothing, like raindrops steady
On foggy windows when you gaze outwardly

I don’t work for free
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart
This is a message from your heart

Everytime you sleep (Bam bam bam bam)
Everytime you eat (Bam bam bam bam)
Everytime you laugh (This is a message from your heart)
(Your most devoted body part)
(Taking blood and making art)
Everytime you cry (This is a message from your heart)
(Pounding away into the dark)
(You could thank me for a start)
Everytime you love (This is a message from your heart)
(This is a message from your heart)

This is a message from your heart”


A Special Invitation to Learn about  how to bring
Complete Health Dentistry
to your patients, team and community. . .
Join us for an “over-the-shoulder” first-hand look at how a
Complete Health Dental Team works! 

March 19, 2015 (and for several days in March) Dr. Brian Davey in San Diego is opening his practice (at no cost) to dentists and one of their practice leaders to observe them in action with patients.
Your time will be followed by a private dinner where you can ask questions and hear about how Dr. Davey and his team as well as other Complete Dentists around the country have made a positive impact and reinvigorated their patients, practice and communities with the Complete Health Model.

Click here or call (888) 890-9026 to reserve your time in San Diego or to receive the schedule for similar events in your area.


“Our nation can only be as strong as our health”
~Dr. Michael Rosen, Chief Medical Officer, Cleveland Clinic

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