Music Monday: Watch Me

I haven’t been told very often in my life that I couldn’t do something, but I have been given a lot of well-intentioned advice over the course of my career, warning me off some of my dreams or aspirations. One in particular, not that long ago, came from a business coach who told me that I had too many interests and ideas and that if I wanted to have a viable business, I’d have to give some of them up and “pick a lane.” He suggested focusing on the safest one – telephone skills for dentistry – which meant giving up my personal leadership coaching and my transformational training and inspirational speakers coaching business.

MMS1-5-14My heart and my gut advised me otherwise. Turns out I can run multiple businesses, leverage different talents, and satisfy diverse interests… especially when I bring them all back under one umbrella of personal growth and expansive possibilities. So there!

For this first Music Monday of 2015, I choose Watch Me by Michael Sarver of American Idol fame (2010 top ten). It is a song that perfectly captures the idea of sticking with a dream or calling even in the face of naysayers or well-meaning advisors. I’m inspired by this song on my bike when I’m struggling up a hill, on my treadmill when I’m wanting to quit, or looking out an airplane window at 10,000 feet heading to a new business adventure or client event.

If you have a dream or aspiration that your heart longs to explore, I hope this song inspires you as well. As you let yourself dream about your dreams, remember the value of asking “quality questions” of yourself and others such as “How can I make this work?” or “Who does know the answer?” or “What resources might be available to me?” (If you’d like a list of Powerful Questions for yourself or to share with others, send us an email to with “Powerful Questions” in the subject line.)

My favorite line from Sarver’s song is “So, if they tell you dreams don’t come true, just look them in the eye. Say… watch me.”

I’ll be listening to this song this year as I roll-out several new initiatives for leaders, healthcare and dental professionals, trainers and speakers. I’ll also be adding two new presentations to my speaker’s package on Complete Health Dentistry and Professional Exceptionalism as well as developing our first Level 3 Transformational Training course. We’re even working on a potential Lioness Leadership Retreat in Africa on safari with the REAL lions! Stay tuned… it’s going to be a banner year for Lioness Learning.

Watch me.

Unfortunately, there is not a professional video of this song although there are a couple of amateur videos of live performances on You Tube such as the one below.  I’d highly recommend listening to the actual song sample on iTunes and adding it to your own Power Playlist.  It’s definitely one of my very favorites!

Michael Sarver Michael Sarver: Watch Me

“They say that I’ll never go nowhere
This small-town boy doesn’t have a prayer
That big old world is gonna eat me alive
But I say, you don’t tell me who I can be
I think I’ve got a good handle on me
My dreams stretch far beyond the county line
Ain’t nobody gonna hold me down

Watch me fly, watch me run
And if I fall flat on my face, watch me get up
Watch me fight, watch me believe
In spite of everything they say that I can’t be
Watch me

I was born with red dirt on my hands
The only life I’ve lived is a working man’s
And I know that nothing comes easy in life
But in my heart I believe that it’s my time

Watch me fly, watch me run
And if I fall flat on my face, watch me get up
Watch me fight, watch me believe
In spite of everything they say that I can’t be
Watch me

So if they tell you dreams don’t come true
Just look them in the eye

Watch me fly, watch me run
And if I fall flat on my face, watch me get up
Watch me fight, watch me believe
In spite of everything they say that I can’t be
Watch me”


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divider“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”
~~Erica Jong

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