Keeping it Fresh

I don’t watch a lot of television, but one show I love is Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Tom and I record it and watch it together as we eat our Sunday morning breakfast. Today, Osgood did a segment on the origins and traditions of Christmas caroling. In it, one gentlemen who led a group in Seattle called the Dickens Carolers was asked, “After 40 years of caroling, does singing these same songs each year ever get old?” He replied, “I’ve sung these songs hundreds of times. What makes it fresh is not how often I sing it… It’s who I’m singing it for. They are the ones who make it new.”

I understand that sentiment. I’ve given speeches on developing exceptional phone skills, compassionate and effective financial conversations, personal leadership, and transformational training hundreds of times. What makes it fresh is not how often I give those same speeches… it’s who I’m presenting it to, every time. Like the brand new dental assistant who writes to tell me she’s taken on a whole new attitude of service, professionalism, and accountability. Or the treatment coordinator who expresses that for the first time she feels like a true patient advocate instead of just the “money lady.” Or the appointment coordinator with 40+ years experience who posted recently on my Facebook page that she was reminded of some phone skills basics that she had long forgotten and of which she had gotten a little lazy and cynical about. Or the office manager who waits to talk 18859844_sto me after the speech to thank me for giving her some tools to hold her team accountable in a non-judgmental and respectful manner. Or the practice owner who emails me to say he feels reinvigorated about his career and is excited to now share a new vision and clear direction with his team on Monday morning. Or the young trainer who jumps up out of their chair in the middle of our two-day Train-the-Trainer workshop and shouts, “I just GOT IT! I understand now why my participants just weren’t getting what I was teaching!” (I’m not kidding!)

They are the ones that make it new. Every time I witness these “light bulb moments” in the eyes of my clients or participants, I’m re-motivated to keep going… to keep banging the drum of exceptional, non-scripted communication skills… to keep singing the song of empathetic, non-judgmental, crystal clear issue management skills… to keep preaching the gospel of strong personal leadership using personal accountability and a platform of possibility-thinking… to keep jumping on the tables of creating trainings and presentations that make the material come alive for participants and helping them truly learn, not just hear, the message. They are the ones who keep it fresh for me.

As you ruminate on the close of 2014, don’t focus on how many times you’ve sung the same song but rather how many light-bulb moments you’ve created along the way. Make the creation of more and more of those moments for your clients, patients, co-workers, and colleagues one of your top objectives for 2015. Reach out for help in making sure that your life and work are full of those moments for them and for you.

At Lioness Learning, we stand ready, willing, and anxious to help you in that quest. In the first few weeks of January, we will be rolling out some ways to make getting that assistance easier than it’s ever been. There is absolutely NO reason to live a life or work at a “job” that is anything but amazing!

Here’s to keeping it fresh and keeping it amazing!


Could Being a Trainer Save the World?
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divider“Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”
~~Oprah Winfrey

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