Tipping Point

19631359_sA few years ago there was a Ted Talk titled “How to Start a Movement” which showcased a video of a shirtless man dancing wildly by himself on a grassy hill surrounded by a crowd who watched him as if he was weird and crazy. A few moments into the video another person joins him and begins to dance right alongside him. With two “crazies” to point to now, the crowd continues to watch and laugh. But within 30 seconds, several others began to join in and a short time later, momentum is built with lots of people now dancing together. And then there is a tipping point… a moment where it suddenly becomes weird not to be dancing and still sitting on the sidelines watching and judging.

A movement has started in healthcare and dentistry called Complete Health Dentistry and the tipping point is at hand. It will soon be considered odd not to be using family history and lifestyle questions when reviewing a patient’s health history and assessing their personal risks factors, utilizing tools to test for genetic markers, and communicating a patient’s treatment plan through the broader lens of the oral systemic link and their complete health profile. Likewise, practitioners who continue to operate in a fear-based paradigm of lower insurance reimbursement, high debt, governmental constraints, and consolidation of corporate or group healthcare companies will suffer needlessly by not understanding and embracing the unlimited opportunities for patients who desire a whole-health approach and are willing to engage in and pay for treatment options which are linked to creating overall greater health and longevity.

I have personally witnessed dozens of practices and related businesses in 2014 who are seriously thriving within this new model… so much so that they are now engaging my services to help with the challenges of “success” as they enjoy more business than their current facility or existing manpower can handle. The most exciting part of this movement for me is the renewed and heightened sense of purpose and service being experienced not only by the owners and clinicians but also maybe even more heartwarmingly by the teams of professionals who support them. There is nothing more rewarding than watching people come alive again in their careers of caring for their patients and their communities as well as thriving financially.

As we head into the final weeks of 2014, we can’t help but cast our gaze toward the coming year and our thoughts toward creating a breakout year for ourselves professionally and personally in 2015. I want to personally invite each one of you to consider learning more about this movement in healthcare. I am showcasing here an excerpt from the documentary film, Say Ahh! The Cavity in Healthcare. Please take a minute to watch it with your families and team members. Next week I will be offering more information on how you can incorporate this model into your current practice and give you direct access to teams who have traction and success already in this new model.

As was noted in the Ted Talk I referenced earlier, it takes followers to turn “lone nuts” into leaders. In 2015, become the kind of leader who decides to follow a movement for the good of others as much as for themselves and in turn shows others how to follow. This model operates within a world of unlimited abundance and there is literally more work to be done for our patients than any of us could ever adequately provide, but this model of Complete Health does give us a way to band together and help one another in assisting people to get healthier and live longer.

THIS is the moment and the movement you’ve been waiting for… so no more standing on the sidelines watching. Jump in and dance with us!

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