A great teacher can make a difference in our lives at any age.  Truly remarkable teachers give us more than methods, rules, or answers; they teach us that we’re more capable than we think we are, and they inspire us to want more for ourselves.
book coverOne of the best examples of remarkable teaching is Ron Clark, winner of Disney’s Teacher of the Year Award and author of The Essential 55: Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child which has sold over one million copies and sat tenaciously at #1 on the NY Times Bestsellers List for 11 weeks.

Ron’s 55 essentials rules for the school child include:

#2:    Make eye contact when speaking.
#23:  Know other teachers’ names and greet them by name in the hallway.
#33:  When meeting new people, shake hands and repeat their name.
#43:  On escalators, walk on the left, stand on the right.

School rules for sure, but Ron’s Essentials also include edicts such as:

#49:  Stand up for what you believe in.
#52:  Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Ron is teaching life skills to fifth-graders, not just class rules.  One of my favorites is Rule #6:  If you are asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return.  Ron teaches that if the children are asked a question, they should answer it and then ask a question in return so as not to monopolize the conversation or appear uncaring or uninterested.  Instead of simply stating this rule to his class and holding them accountable to have to follow Mr. Clark’s rules… he helps them want to do it by allowing them to experience it on their own.

To do this, he puts the students into groups and has them draw a card which contains a question.  When the question is asked of another student, that student is instructed to answer the question and continuing answering it until Mr. Clark asks them to stop.  That’s round one.  In round two, the student draws another card, but this time, after it is answered, the receiving student practices asking a question in return.  This is repeated back and forth several times until Mr. Clark eventually tells them to stop.

iStock_000003551009XSmallOnce the class reviews together how the two rounds felt different, it becomes clear to everyone that the second scenario was much more satisfying to everyone.  Instead of being Mr. Clark’s followers, they are now believers of the principle on their own.

We all have opportunities every day to teach:  Whether you’re a grandfather teaching your granddaughter to bait a hook, a dental assistant teaching a patient to floss, an office manager teaching a new software protocol, or a trainer explaining OSHA compliance… you have an opportunity to turn lecturing into learning.  When you help someone come to a truly personal understanding, form a new belief, and gain proficiency in a new skill, you empower and uplift them.

The next time you are faced with the task of teaching, ask yourself first… how can I not tell them this?  How can I create a learning moment where they can experience it and convince themselves of the rightness and importance of this skill?  If you can do that, you’ll discover that people don’t argue with their own information and beliefs … but they’ll argue with yours all day long!  Help them to discover their own abilities and truths by creating experiences which expand their own understanding, allows for mistakes, and demonstrate to them the available potential.
Note:  TNT made a movie about Ron Clark’s journey as a teacher called The Ron Clark Story, which stars Matthew Perry in the lead role.  It is available through Netflix.


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What is a Teacher?

What is a teacher?  A guide, not a guard.
What is learning?  A journey, not a destination.
What is discovery?  Questioning the answers, not answering the questions.
What is the process Discovering ideas, not covering content.
What is the goal?  Open minds, not closed issues.
What is the test?  Being and becoming, not remembering and reviewing.
What is learning?  Not just doing things differently, but doing different things.
What is teaching Not showing them what to learn, but showing them how to learn.
What is school Whatever we choose to make it.”
Lee Crockett, Ian Jukes, and Andrew Churches

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