Music Monday: The Other Side

Happy (early) Halloween!  My choice for October’s Music Monday is The Other Side by Bruno Mars.  I chose it 1) because the music is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller (and therefore perfect for the month of Halloween) and 2) because the lyrics have a powerful, if not slightly strange,  personal meaning for me.  I’m not at all sure that my translation is the one intended by Bruno.  I love the world! Nevertheless, it’s what goes through my head when this song comes on my cycling playlist, helping me pedal a little faster and get a little bit more out of my workout.

I often feel there is another side, an alternative reality in most situations, if we choose to see it, but it’s not the one most often chosen by the majority of people.  And if you do choose it or, worse yet, talk about it, you’re often viewed as strange or weird.  For example, some views of mine… from “the other side”:

  • No matter what happens, things are always working out for me.
  • Even in the face of tragic events, the human spirit ultimately prevails.
  • My emotions are my guidance system and any negative emotion I’m feeling such as jealousy, fear, worry, frustration, anxiousness is my signal that I am not trusting or in sync with my own value, worthiness, and core beliefs.
  • I create and bestow the meaning to everything I observe or experience.
  • Everyone is on their own journey of exploration and I should focus on my own.
  • My primary work, goal, and gift to the world is to get and stay as happy and fulfilled as I possibly can.  It is THE best way to do great work, make the most positive difference and have the most powerful effect on everyone I encounter (and even those I don’t.)
  • Blessing the moments, people, and circumstances that cause me to want something different and seeing them for the gifts they truly are is the most healing and sane way to walk through my life experience.
  • If I look hard enough, there is good in every living thing and in every experience.  If I don’t see it, I’m just not looking hard enough (or sometimes I may be looking just a little too hard to see the simplest of answers!)
  • Worrying about anyone else’s definition or measure of worth or success will lead me down their path, not mine.  And mine is the truest and most satisfying path I will ever walk.  My gut and intuition always knows the next right step.  Always. 

Living, operating, parenting, and doing business from this “other side” can look to others as though you don’t care enough to get upset at the things they get upset about.  You must not be very realistic if you are not as worried as they are about the future.  You must not want it bad enough not to work really hard and sacrifice the way they do, etc, etc, etc.

When I see people I’m close to or care about struggling so much and fighting back so hard in the reality they have created, I know in my heart that the way out for them is to simply stop making it all so hard and complicated.  They need to turn their attention away from what they “don’t like and don’t want” and retrain it to what they do want and appreciate.  I’ve often caught myself proselytizing this to them only to realize that the best way for me to convince anyone is to just live it in my own life and if they ask… share this prospective of the other side with them in the simplest form possible, leaving it to them to weave anything that serves them into their own life in their own unique way.

As Bruno says, “sometimes it’s better if you don’t understand.”

However, my favorite line in the song is:  “You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other side.  And you, all you gotta do is cross the line.  I could wait a whole lifetime but you just gotta decide.  You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other side.”

I know.  Kinda spooky.  But then again, it is almost Halloween.  And I’ll be waiting for you …somewhere on “the other side.”

bruno mars video

Bruno Mars: The Other Side

“Truth of the matter is I’m complicated
You’re as straight as they come
You go ’bout your day, baby
While I hide from the sun

It’s better if you don’t understand
‘Cause you won’t know what it’s like
Until you try

You know I, I’ve been waiting on the other side
And you, all you gotta do is cross the line
I could wait a whole life time but you just gotta decide
You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other
Waiting on the other side

We would live forever
Who could ask for more
You could die if you wanted
But baby, what for?

It’s better if you don’t understand
And you won’t know what it’s like
Until you try


If they say life’s a dream call this insomnia
‘Cause this ain’t Wonderland, it damn sure ain’t Narnia
And once you cross the line, you can’t change your mind
Yeah, I’m a monster but I’m no Frankenstein

And quite frankly
I’ve been feeling insane in between my eyes
I really can’t explain what I feel inside
If you knew what it was, you might run and hide

Many have tried to go into the night
Cross over the line and come back inside
But that’s the price we pay
When we’re living on the other side


It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand”


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