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The Gift Of Forgiveness

Something happened to me recently which caused my feelings to be hurt.  It was a small  slight which felt like a stinging rejection and judgment.  Nothing huge really, but the nasty  little feeling it sparked within me just hung around.  … Continue reading

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Dad’s Lesson On Being Lazy

Today is Sunday, Father’s Day.  Last night Tom and I celebrated early with a joint Father’s Day dinner with my dad and Tom’s daughter, Elyse.  As we were leaving, I asked my Dad, who spent the last two weeks repainting … Continue reading

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The Ethical Difference

What would you or your teammates answer if asked the question:  What are the guiding ethics of your practice? If you’ve watched the news over the last few years, you couldn’t have missed glaring  examples of unethical business practices:  Enron, … Continue reading

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Music Monday: What Is Love?

Knowing Tom and I are amateur cyclists, someone shared this video with me, entitled “What is Love?”   When you watch it, you’ll no doubt see the tenderness and sweetness of this couple and admire the dedication of the husband.  Watching … Continue reading

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