“Good Enough, Never Is.”

– Debbi Fields, Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies

The Baker’s Dozen. The 13th cookie. Value-Added Experience. Paul Homoly defines value as a positive, unexpected experience.

Hygienist with KidIf you are charging appropriately for high-quality, exceptionally-delivered dentistry, patients will probably feel that your dentistry is expensive. (I happen to be one of those patients myself.) However, if you are equally committed to, and skilled at, providing the same high-quality, value-added experiences for your patients, they will most likely feel that it was well worth the money. (This group also includes me!)

Create experiences that surprise patients in a positive way. Experiences where they feel they received more than they paid for; better than the average. It’s the difference you feel when you are asked to pay $20 less than you expected versus being asked to pay $20 more than you were expecting: A positive, unexpected surprise versus a negative, unexpected surprise.

This week, discuss how simple things you do every day with patients could be raised from the ordinary to the extraordinary, such as:

  • answering the telephone
  • greeting a patient who enters your practice
  • greeting a patient by a clinical team member and moving them from the reception area to the clinical area
  • greeting a patient in an operatory setting
  • reading materials for patients
  • comfort items for patients
  • opening an operative/hygiene appointment
  • closing an appointment chairside
  • performing a handoff to the administrative team
  • dismissing a patient at the end of an appointment
  • confirming a patient
  • making an after-care call for a patient
  • the new patient experience
  • written correspondence with a patient
  • morning meetings
  • team meetings
  • how you greet each other in the morning
  • how you say goodbye to each other in the evening

The list is virtually endless. There is also no limit to how high you could raise the bar!


You don’t have to hire a trainer to make every team meeting
deliver a huge dose of skills improvement and productive changes.


These simple but dynamic exercises will
breathe life
back into your tired, dysfunctional meetings and help you:

  • Review material without lecturing
  • Find a fun way to see what’s missing, misunderstood, or simply not being done
  • Get everyone involved and contributing without feeling picked on or singled out



“There is no traffic jam on the extra mile!”
~ Anonymous

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